We all know that you have to check your tire pressure in the winter when the temperature drops, but what about when it’s hot? If very cold weather affects your tires, it would make sense that very hot weather would as well. And it does, but not in the same way. Like so many things, the details of auto repair in Sudbury change with the seasons. At Weston Automotive, we’re here to keep your car on the road year-round and in any weather.

Let’s take a look at how hot weather affects your tires and your Sudbury auto repair needs.

Changes in Tire Pressure

In the winter, your tires lose pressure because cold air contracts. In the summer, you have the opposite effect. Hot air expands, causing your tire pressure to increase. If your tires are over-inflated, they wear unevenly, which decreases traction and can cause problems with your alignment or suspension. After a stretch of particularly hot weather, check your tire pressure to make sure it is still within the recommended range.

Tread Wear, Cracking, and Blowouts

High temperatures and increased UV radiation from the sun cause rubber to deteriorate faster. This reduces tread life and can cause your tires to crack. Worn or cracked tires are prone to blowouts. Take a look at your tires to check for cracks or areas with low tread depth. Replacing your tires might be expensive, but it’s not as bad as dealing with a blowout.

Reduced Vehicle Performance

Over-inflated tires, worn tread, and weakened rubber all affect the performance of your vehicle. Worn tread reduces traction on the road, which affects your car’s handling capabilities, especially when the roads are wet. It also increases braking distances, which can be a safety concern if you have to stop quickly. Hot pavement also increases rolling resistance, which decreases your fuel efficiency.

Sudbury Auto Repair | Weston Automotive

You have places to go and things to do this summer, and the last thing you want to deal with is a blown or flat tire. To stay ahead of your summer Sudbury auto repair needs, come to Weston Automotive before you take a big trip or your summer gets busy. We’ll make sure your car is safe and in good repair so you can focus on having fun!

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