When you consider the many parts of your vehicle, you realize that each plays an integral role in the overall performance. However, some parts have a bigger presence than others. For example, let’s talk about your vehicle’s engine. As a top Waltham mechanic, the team at Weston Automotive understands that a properly functioning engine is not only integral to performance but the functionality of several other parts.

If the engine goes, your vehicle becomes inoperable.

With this in mind, it’s crucial to understand the warning signs of a failing engine. However, if you find yourself facing engine failure, you should also know if it’s worth repairing or rebuilding. We delve a bit deeper into the matter in this article.

Warning Signs of Engine Failure

The obvious answer to this question is to repair any engine problems before they become significant. However, this requires a bit of knowledge and attention. Below is a brief overview of a few telltale signs that a call to your Waltham mechanic could prove worthwhile.

  • Exhaust Smoke is one of the most common signs that your vehicle is having engine problems. If the smoke is black, the vehicle is burning too much fuel, whereas blue smoke indicates burning oil.
  • Knocking Sounds from the engine are often an indication of the air/fuel mixture burning improperly. Instead of the spark plug kicking in, the mixture is burning on its own and could lead to expensive repair needs if ignored.
  • Rough Idling occurs when the engine experiences inconsistent RPM. This may occur when driving or when stopped. Either way, this is one sign that requires immediate attention. 
  • Likewise, High RPM within the vehicle that causes stalling is another sign.

While these are just a few examples, drivers should be aware of what is and what isn’t normal with their vehicle. At the first signs of something being off, call your mechanic.

Repair or Rebuild

Let’s move on to the question of rebuilding or repairing the engine. The answer, unfortunately, depends on the situation. In most cases, if the problem is caught early enough, engine repair is the cost-effective solution. However, depending on the extent of the problem and any damage caused, you may be faced with an entirely different scenario. Should you find yourself in the latter position, engine rebuilds are often cheaper than an engine replacement.

As the backbone of your vehicle, your engine deserves only the best. So, when it comes to choosing a Waltham mechanic for engine rebuild or repair service, settle for nothing less than the best. At Weston Automotive, our team is backed by years of experience and knowledge to ensure your peace of mind.

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