You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your car’s suspension. In general, that’s a good thing because it means it’s working well and in good repair. The important thing is to keep it that way. Replacing your suspension is expensive; it can cost you up to $3,500. To avoid a costly repair, there are some simple ways to avoid suspension damage from careful driving to taking your car for regular maintenance. Whether you need routine or extensive Natick auto repair, the mechanics at Weston Automotive have you covered.

Here’s how you can keep on top of issues with your suspension.

Check on the parts.

Several different parts make up your car’s suspension system. Shocks, struts, springs, control rods, and tie rods all protect your car from taking damage from bumps and jolts as you drive. The best way to avoid having to replace your entire suspension system is to check on its constituent parts periodically. Most manufacturers recommend that you have a mechanic check your suspension every 50,000 miles. If you hit a pothole hard or have to slam on your brakes, you may want to have it checked sooner. It is much easier and less expensive to replace or repair one part than replace the whole system.

Brake gently.

When you slam on your brakes, inertia takes over. You know the feeling we mean. You slam the brakes, and as the car stops your body presses into your seatbelt. That’s because even though the car has stopped, you keep moving. You remember this from high school physics. Here’s the thing: the wheels stop before the rest of the car. Just as you keep moving, the body of your car keeps moving, too. The suspension keeps your car from lurching forward and slamming back when you have to hit the brakes. There will always be times when you have to brake hard and stop quickly, but when it comes to everyday driving, it’s best to be in the habit of braking gently.

Watch the bumps.

Now that winter is finally, definitely over, new treacheries have replaced ice on the roads: potholes. One of the most common reasons to need maintenance on your suspension is hitting a series of potholes too hard. It’s not always possible to steer around every pothole on the road, so if you hit one hard, it’s a good idea to take your car into your Natick auto repair shop. For the same reason, you should take speed bumps slowly as well, that is where they’re there for, after all.

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