As the backbone of your vehicle, your engine deserves nothing less than the best. At Weston Automotive, our experienced technicians offer you just that. From basic engine needs to complete rebuilds, when it comes to a Waltham mechanic you can trust with your investment, our team is it. Here’s why.

Foreign or Domestic, We Got You.

One thing that many people find with their Waltham mechanic is that the shop offers a specialized service. For example, many shops specialize solely in domestic automobiles or vice versa. However, at Weston Automotive, we understand the significance of having a diverse team. So, we do just that. Foreign or domestic, our experts have your engine covered.

Honest Recommendations.

Now that you have a Waltham mechanic in mind, it’s time to test out their integrity. How do you know if the recommendations are in your best interest and not that of the auto shop? Start by asking around and checking out the company reviews. An honest team will always provide you with recommendations that best remedy the concern, even if it means saving you money.

Understanding what it takes.

When you talk engine rebuild, there are several components at hand. From the type of rebuild required to the inner workings of the specific job, having an experienced technician is non-negotiable. So, how do you know? Again, ask around to friends and family, and certainly, ask questions at your repair shop.

At Weston Automotive, we proudly offer our customers over six decades of trusted experience. From engine rebuilds to state inspections, we are number one when it comes to finding a Waltham mechanic you can rely upon. But, don’t just take our word for it.

Contact Weston Auto today at (781) 899-0247 and see for yourself why we’re the area’s most trusted auto shop.