As the summer sun intensifies, so does the heat under the hood of your car. Engine overheating can lead to serious damage and leave you stranded on scorching roads. To protect your vehicle and ensure a worry-free driving experience during the summer months, it’s essential to take preventive measures against engine overheating. That’s why this month, your local Wellesley auto repair shop, Weston Auto, is here with some practical tips to help keep your engine cool and running smoothly this summer season.

Check Your Coolant Regularly

One of the most critical factors in preventing engine overheating is maintaining the right coolant level. Regularly check your coolant reservoir and ensure it’s at the correct level as specified in your car’s manual. Top it up with a mixture of coolant and distilled water if necessary. Also, it’s important to ensure the coolant is clean and free of debris that could clog the cooling system.

Inspect the Cooling System

A well-functioning cooling system is your engine’s best defense against overheating. Have your cooling system inspected by a professional before the summer season starts. The inspection should include checking the radiator, cooling fan, water pump, hoses, and thermostat. Replace any worn or damaged components to ensure optimum cooling efficiency.

Keep the Radiator Clean

A clean radiator is crucial for efficient heat dissipation. Check the radiator for dirt, debris, and bugs regularly, and clean it with a gentle spray of water or use a soft brush to remove any obstructions. Ensure the radiator fins are not bent or damaged, as this can impede airflow and lead to overheating.

Monitor Engine Temperature

Pay attention to your car’s temperature gauge while driving. If it starts creeping into the red zone or the warning light illuminates, it may indicate engine overheating. If this happens, pull over immediately and allow the engine to cool before investigating or seeking professional assistance.

Never Ignore Leaks

Leaking coolant can quickly lead to engine overheating. If you notice any signs of coolant leakage under your car, we recommend having it inspected and repaired promptly. Ignoring leaks can cause significant damage and leave you stranded in the heat.

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