As warm weather approaches, many drivers may be tempted to keep their winter tires on their vehicles for a bit longer. After all, winter tires are designed to handle cold temperatures and snow, so why not keep them on as long as possible? While it may seem like a good idea, winter tires in the summer can actually be dangerous and even cause damage to your car. This month your local Wellesley mechanic at Weston Auto is discussing four reasons to switch out your winter tires for summer tires this season.

Winter Tires Wear Out Faster in Warm Weather

Winter tires are designed to be softer and more flexible in cold temperatures. This allows them to grip the road better in ice and snow. However, when temperatures start to rise, the rubber in winter tires can become too soft. This can cause them to wear out faster and reduce their effectiveness.

Winter Tires Can Decrease Fuel Efficiency

Since winter tires have deeper treads and are made with softer rubber, they can create more rolling resistance on dry pavement. This can also lead to decreased fuel efficiency. Switching to summer tires can help improve your car’s gas mileage and ultimately save you money at the pump.

Summer Tires Provide Better Handling and Braking

Summer tires are designed to provide better handling, cornering, and braking performance in warm weather conditions. They’re made of a harder rubber compound and have shallower treads. This allows them to grip the road better on dry pavement and provide better performance in warm weather.

Driving With Winter Tires in Summer Can Be Dangerous

Winter tires are designed for cold weather conditions. This means that they may not provide adequate traction and handling in warm weather conditions. This can make it more difficult to control your car, especially in emergency situations such as sudden stops or swerves.

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