Since winter is approaching and cold weather is already here, we know how important it is to stay warm in our cars. No one wants to freeze on their morning commute to work! Make sure you’re getting the most out of your vehicle’s heat with a few tips and tricks. And when you need a heater tune-up to stay warm this winter, choose your local Wayland auto repair shop, Weston Automotive!

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Don’t Turn On Recirculation

Many of us tend to turn on recirculation mode during the summer to keep the old air in our vehicles. But this doesn’t work quite the same when it comes time to use the heat during winter.  By using this mode to heat up your car, it keeps moist warm air inside the cabin. This ultimately causes your windows to fog up. 

Don’t Let Your Car Sit

It’s relatively common for many people to turn their car on and let it warm up a few minutes before they start driving. However, it’s actually more effective to warm the car up by driving it. This is because the engine starts working quicker once it’s in motion. In some states, including New Hampshire and Massachusetts, it’s also illegal to let your car idle for over five minutes.

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Use the A/C

We understand how strange this sounds, but turning on the A/C can be effective for a few reasons! It’s a good option when you’re trying to warm up your cabin fast. The A/C is able to remove the moisture in the air, which creates the fog on your windows. Another benefit of using it is that it won’t consume your fuel as much as using the A/C in the summer. 

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