One of the easiest ways to justify an overheating car is to point a finger at the hot New England weather. However, when it comes to Wayland auto repair with the team from Weston Automotive, our experience tells us better.  Like yin and yang, the heating and cooling systems of a vehicle affect performance while executing opposite tasks. Without one, the other breaks down. 

So, before you assume that it is the hot, humid days causing your car to misbehave, let’s take a closer look.

Faulty Thermostat

One of the easiest ways to fix an overheating car is to check out the thermostat! If you have a faulty thermostat that stays closed, coolant is blocked from passing through, resulting in overheating.

Cracked Radiator

The vehicle’s radiator pulls heat away from the rest of the vehicle. Thus, if it becomes clogged or cracked, the radiator no longer functions properly and may cause the vehicle to overheat.

Improver Oil Level

Most people correlate low engine oil with the possibility of seizing up the vehicle’s engine. However, low levels can also cause your vehicle to overheat. By assisting in the cooling process, engine oil helps keep components lubricated, which in turn helps to reduce friction. If friction is to occur with components, the heat level rises. 

Faulty Water Pump

As the heart of the cooling system, if the water pump sustains any damage or becomes clogged, your vehicle will overheat. Water pump replacement cost will depend on the age and size of the vehicle but generally runs under $600.

Loose or Broken Belts

Even with normal wear and tear, belts will need to be replaced. By ignoring your belts, you are also ignoring one of their key roles – maintaining the correct volume of coolant flow. Thus, you’ll face the problem of overheating.

Whether your car is overheating or not heating enough, issues can vary from unstable fluid levels to faulty thermostats. Instead of guessing, head over to your trusted Wayland auto repair shop, Weston Automotive! With decades of experience and expertise, our technicians will quickly and accurately diagnose your vehicle to pinpoint the problem. 

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