It doesn’t matter what you drive, maintenance and repair needs will become an inevitable fate. However, when it comes to Mercedes repair in MA, our team at Weston Automotive can help keep your vehicle where it belongs – on the road. Here, we are looking at a few things every Mercedes-Benz owner should know.

Regular Maintenance

As with any vehicle make, regular maintenance will help ensure the longevity of your Mercedes. The rule of thumb with the Mercedes-Benz brand is that every 10,000 miles, you should visit your trusted automotive shop. During this appointment, a multi-point inspection, change of fluids, and windshield wiper check are common tasks.

Aftermarket Parts Will Not Save You

All too often people opt for aftermarket components to save a dollar or two. Sometimes, aftermarket parts provide performance enhancement promises. However, when it comes to Mercedes, opting for genuine parts is always the best route. And, did you know that genuine Mercedes-Benz parts have been proven to last nearly 45% longer than third-party components?

Stay Aware of Air Suspension

One of the most commonly reported MA Mercedes repair needs concerns the AIRMATIC features; more specifically, the air suspension. While this issue is far from new, the brand continues to be plagued by failing air suspension bags and suspension relays. But, don’t worry too much, the majority of AIRMATIC systems remain reliable for over 120,000 miles with no need for repair or service.

At Weston Automotive, our team of certified technicians have the knowledge and experience your vehicle deserves. Perhaps this is why we have quickly become the number one location of MA Mercedes repair! Whether it’s a routine oil change or air suspension repair, we’re here to help.

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