Winters here keep concord auto repair shops busy with extreme weather that’s hard on your vehicle. That tough weather is exactly why it is increasingly important to get regular alignments. Alignment can get bumped out of place by driving on uneven surfaces which can happen often in this area with the ever-changing seasons. At Weston Automotive we are here to help you get your car straightened out with our quick and effective alignments. Here are some ways to identify if your vehicle needs an alignment. 


Steering Wheel is Off Center

When you are driving straight down a flat road, your steering wheel should be pretty close to straight. Often the wheel won’t be perfectly spot on to the degree, but any significant deviation is of concern. When you are driving just make sure you make note if this is the case so that you know to get an alignment. 


Shaky Wheel

Wheels can tend to vibrate from time to time especially when you reach certain speeds on the highway. This is mostly due to road surface and speed, however, significant shaking can indicate more than a potentially uneven road. Oftentimes this is an indication that your car needs an alignment. You should bring your car into Weston Automotive to have it checked out, as shaky wheels can also be signs of more serious issues. 

Uneven Tire Wear

Taking note of how your tires wear down can be very revealing, not just about alignment but about a slew of other components. If either the inside or the outside of your tires is wearing at different rates then that may be a sign that you need an alignment. This type of uneven wear is usually identified by a professional during tire rotation or an inspection so make sure to take note when you receive those services as well. 


Pulling To The Right or Left

In the ideal situation, your vehicle should drive straight if you were to take your hands off the wheel. However, that isn’t realistic. Most of the time, the roads are not perfectly straight and therefore your wheel, even if the vehicle is perfectly aligned, will drift to one side. If you see a drastic pull however that is not normal. Additionally, you shouldn’t have to feel like you are pulling on the wheel to get it to go in the direction you want. If that is the case then you need an alignment. 


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Here at Weston Automotive, we can take care of your vehicle alignment. No matter the make or model of your vehicle, our team of professionals has you covered. We aim to be your one-stop auto repair in concord. Here to help with any and all your vehicle needs. 


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