More than ever before, people are looking for sustainable options in nearly every element of their life. Thus, an interest in hybrid vehicles is quickly evolving. However, as one begins their journey from traditional gasoline operated vehicle to hybrid, several questions arise. One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Weston Automotive is whether hybrid maintenance and repair costs are more expensive. As the most trusted Natick mechanic, people have trust in our service and our advice. So be warned, the answers may surprise you.

A look at hybrid maintenance requirements.

Often, there are misconceptions concerning the maintenance requirements of a hybrid vehicle. Believe it or not, these requirements are more or less the same as a traditional vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at the engine –

As you know, regardless of the type of vehicle, routine scheduled maintenance is a must to ensure your engine stays working as it should. However, what many assume to be different is actually the same when it comes to this category. Hybrid or gas, regular tune-ups and oil changes are recommended every 5 to 7,500 miles. Depending on the specific vehicle, preferred oil, and most frequented driving conditions, this recommendation can vary slightly.

Beyond oil changes, your brakes are another common area of maintenance and service. It’s not uncommon in traditional vehicles for brake pads to wear and need replacing every 45,000 miles. However, with a hybrid, much of the wear is eliminated. So, hybrid owners are actually saving money when it comes to servicing their braking system.

Fun Fact: It’s not uncommon for the Toyota Prius to run 120,000 miles before the brakes begin to wear!

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Let’s get to the real question, the cost.

Any vehicle owner knows that repairs will cost more than routine maintenance. So, when you’re talking about specialized parts, most assume the cost of hybrid servicing will be much more significant. However, when you consider the maintenance schedule and how much further you’ll go, the cost equals out – or even becomes less.

Furthermore, the current market generally offers hybrid-specific component warranties in two options. The first option is 8 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The second option is even more appealing at 10 years or 150,000 miles. The variation depends upon the manufacturer and the state you reside.

If you’re considering moving to a hybrid but concerned with the cost, hybrid repair and maintenance is a wash in comparison. However, considering other factors like insurance rates, the cost of fuel, and your driving habits, could be the game-changer you seek.

Either way, Weston Automotive has your vehicle repair needs covered! As the number one rated Natick mechanic, you can have complete confidence that your vehicle (hybrid, gasoline, or diesel) is in the very best, most qualified hands.

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