Regardless of what you drive, one thing remains consistent across the board. That ‘thing’ is having a trusted mechanic you can rely upon when needed. However, searching ‘mechanic near me’ will quickly prove overwhelming with endless auto repair shops to choose from. How do you know which shop to trust? Which shop provides the services your vehicle requires? Where do you even begin?

While many rely solely on luck, others prefer to base their decisions upon fact. At Weston Automotive, we prefer that latter. Here, we’re presenting you with ways to decipher the trustworthy and experienced mechanic from the ones we’ll leave to luck.

Explore online reviews and ratings

Chances are, your search for a mechanic will begin online. So, while you’re already poking around the web, be sure to check out what others are saying about the auto shop you’re considering. Taking the time to do so will give you an insight as to how the local community views the company. However, it’s important to spend your time on unbiased sites for the best reviews. For example, check out what the Better Business Bureau for reliable ratings.

The best resources are closer than you think

Believe it or not, some of the best resources you can obtain are at the tips of your fingers. Asking your friends, family, and even your coworker will give not only provide you with trusted views, but also with an inside look to firsthand experiences.

Is the auto repair shop well-rounded?

Many mechanics specialize in specific markets and services. While this may be the solution you’re seeking, it’s always a better choice to have a mechanic that can be your go-to for everything. Finding an auto shop that offers a wide range of services for several makes will better suit your needs in the long run.

That said, do your due diligence in further exploring the mechanics and their qualifications, especially if you drive a luxury vehicle that requires a unique skillset.

Save yourself the time of searching for a ‘mechanic near me’ and contact Weston Automotive. With decades of combined industry experience, our mechanics are trained, skilled, and certified in many makes and services. From BMW repair to Toyota, Volvo repair to Land Rover, we are your one-stop full-service auto repair shop.

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